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Manchester Cityscapes

In 2011, with the assistance of Bruntwood plc, I commenced work on a series of paintings about the Manchester skyline as experienced from a number of the office and tower blocks owned by Bruntwood.

 Now, about a year on there are about 15-18 paintings completed with others in production in addition to which there are a number of b/w charcoal and also colour pastel drawings. In some of the paintings i’ve introduced collage to the painted surface both at the beginning and during the production. If you know Manchester then you’ll know some of the buildings from where the work will have been conceived and/or executed; eg Portland Tower, 111 Piccadilly.

As usual, some of the works have taken almost a year to complete and some much less. Its difficult to be precise, but i think i might be about halfway through the ‘project’ and now starting to think about how & when the work might be exhibited – possibly in 2013.

 None of the works from this series are currently loaded onto the website as there are some  things to discuss with Bruntwood themselves and i think that out of courtesy to them, that should be done first. Hopefully everything will be finalised in the next few weeks, at which point i will update the site.

Finally, I am most grateful to Chris Oglesby and his colleagues at Bruntwood plc for facilitating this project  - they have been really helpful and accommodating. If you’re in the market for office space then you might take a look at their website.  

Oct 2012


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