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'3 days in DC'

'14th Streetscape'

3 days in DC

Back in the fall of 2021, and immediately following the restoration of flights between the UK and the US, I made a flash visit to DC to discuss options for a new project with Susan and the team at CFAC. We agreed dates and I spent the rest of the visit sipping coffee and scribbling aimlessly in a notebook.

It’s normal for me to be working on 10-20 paintings at any one time, all in various stages of development. I prefer to have them all around me and move from one to another. Some reach completion with relative speed and some take longer - years perhaps - and a few never make it that far.

For this project, that reliable ‘conveyor belt’ was paused, all unfinished work parked to one side of the studio and replaced by a set of anxious blank canvasses. Progress on such a broad front felt painfully slow and for too long, there seemed little to show for the effort. On several occasions, I almost contacted Susan to suggest a postponement of the exhibition and to be honest I’m not sure why I didn’t follow through on that resolve….

Unannounced, one of the paintings just popped its head through the clouds and felt ‘finished’; the project was back on again ! Although I would eventually come to re-work that same painting, it proved to be the catalyst that unlocked the problem.

For a painter, to see a body of your own work on a wall is an absolute privilege. Its only then can you see and fully understand where each image has come from and why it represents what it does in the context of the other work around it. All of the work in this exhibition has common ground in three days in DC.


Colin Taylor

March 2022

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